Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A week in review

Encouraged by the former English teacher who said she would have given my last post an A (as well as all the other wonderfully kind comments I received), I am here writing another one. I can’t make any promises about the quality continuing, however. I still wish that it could be Elisa writing again, as I love reading her work. It never fails to put a smile on my face, a tear in my eye or a laugh in my belly. However, she has been having a very rough week since her first treatment and has been too sick to write. She is finally getting a little sleep next to me now.

First, I want to say how overwhelmed we both are by the amazing people that we know and many that we don’t know, who are reaching out to us with such wonderful messages of support. Those messages of inspiration and encouragement really mean a lot to us. Additionally, Elisa and I are just stunned by the fact that our friends and family have started a website to collect donations for a trust fund that has been set up to help offset some of the financial burdens that we are facing. Since neither of can work right now, this is a major stress relief for us. I cannot begin to express how grateful we are and how moved we are by the generosity and love that we are receiving. Thank you all. Thank you so, so much.

Next, let me bring you up to date since the last post. Friday morning didn’t start off well for me and I was a little concerned that I was going to have to head into the hospital on the first day of nice weather in weeks. I was having some rather intense intestinal pain. I was not so much surprised by having pain, since I have had that since early November; more it was the intensity of the pain that took me by surprise. It felt like a hot poker was being dragged around the inside of my gut. I don’t actually know what that feels like, but I am guessing it couldn’t hurt too much more. However, this is not why I knew I was going to have to go to the hospital… this is just why going to the hospital was going to be that much shittier. I was going to have to go to the hospital because I was having irregular heartbeats, or palpitations. Various heart conditions are one of the possible side effects of chemo, so the doctors always want to know if anything strange is going on with your ticker. I actually had first felt them on Wednesday, but there were just a couple, so I paid them no mind. However, Thursday night they were continuous for up to ten minutes and they kept happening all morning. So I called the doctor and was told I had to go directly to the urgent care center. Doctors are so predictable!

So began the day of tests. I was hooked up to an EKG to monitor my heart, which of course, had stage fright and preformed perfectly normally for the first half hour. Eventually they started seeing the spikes. They were not sure what was causing them; all the blood work came back “normal” (for a chemo patient, that is – they would keep you in the hospital if your blood count was as low as mine is for no reason). So I was off to get a CT of my chest to check for a blood clot in my lungs and they threw in an x-ray of my abdomen to see what was causing all of the pain down there.

 Results: my chest was clear (sigh of relief) but I was full of shit. Literally. My whole intestinal tract was like the Holland Tunnel at 8:45am.  So still not knowing what was causing the heart palpitations, I was sent home wearing an EKG recording device that would monitor my heart for 24 hours. There is still no word on what they have found from that information. They said that the beats themselves were not dangerous. My heart was firing a beat too early. "Could be stress related," they said. Not sure what could be causing that! So finally we were back home by 5pm. Elisa, my brother Joel and I were just exhausted  from anther long day in a hospital.

 That night Elisa suggested that we go stay at her good friend’s apartment, who had just gone out of town that morning; we wanted to be able to have a day of quiet and calm and at least be out of our apartment for a change. It is near Central Park, so we thought we might even go for a walk in the park. We planned to drop Sadie off at her mom’s around 9 AM. By 1PM we were out the door and heading to the city. Life never seems to go as planned. The afternoon started off ok, but Elisa started to feel the effects of her chemo from Thursday kick in. I am not sure why, but the worst days seem to start a full day after your treatment. She was feeling nauseous and was having a lot of muscle and intestinal pain plus a headache to top it off. We tried to get her to eat a little dinner and it seemed to help for a couple of minutes…before we discovered that we have only thrown another log on the fire. She got worse as it got later. Around 8pm we took her temperature. She had a low fever. When you are being treated with chemo, a fever of 100.4 means you go to the ER.  So we kept a close watch, taking her temperature every ten minutes. Unfortunately it is rising fast and within a half hour we are up to 100.1. So I put a call into the doctor and wait for the call back. During this time I become convinced that my heart palpitations are stress related as they have kicked into full gear. We get the call back from the doctor and predictably we are told to go to the ER. We start to get or selves prepared to leave. Making some calls to see who might be able to come help out at the hospital as it would not be healthy for me to stay there all night with her. I really start hating my cancer at that moment. By the time we are dress, packed up and ready to walk out the door, Elisa says that she is not feeling quite as hot and maybe we should check her temp one more time before we go. That woman has great instincts! Her fever has dropped some. We decide to hold off leaving and take it again in ten minutes in the hopes that the fever is passing. Jackpot! It keeps dropping in about an hour it is back down to a mild fever. We make the call not to send anther night at the hospital and just keep a close watch on her temperature for the rest of the night.
We called our friends and cousins in the medical field to make sure that this is not foolish and we got the “ok”. If only all the other symptoms that Elisa was having would have passed, too. But they remained and we are now on day six of her feeling terrible. Nothing seems to help with the nausea. Some of the pain meds they prescribed help temporarily with the muscle pain. Sleep is fitful. Nothing seems to help. It makes you feel so powerless, so inept at not to being able to do anything. So I fetch water, help her back and forth from the bathroom, stroke her hair, and hold her when she cries. I am grateful that I am having some better days at the moment and can do all this. At the same time I, we, both know that this is probably not always going to be the case.

It is a little overwhelming to think about us both feeling sick like this at the same time for the next several months. We are so lucky that my brother has been staying with us for the past week and helping with everything.  So lucky that Elisa’s mother is close by and able to come over whenever we need an extra hand. So blessed by everyone who has been making wonderful food. So blessed to have an amazing friend as a neighbor to handle the receiving of the food, holding on to it until she knows it is a good time to bring it over. We are lucky to have our friends and cousins who have been picking up and dropping off our darling Sadie on the days that she has day care. There are so many daily things that have become more difficult to carry out, and this love and support is so immensely helpful and appreciated.

Elisa has her second chemo treatment tomorrow and I have my fourth the following day. We are both a little nervous. This will be our first weekend together having both had chemo.


  1. Thankful for the update so we can be specific in our prayers for you and Elisa, Nathan. Anyway we can send y'all physical cards or notes? If you are willing to share an address, please let me know at

  2. I have your whole family in my thoughts and prayers. What a shitty diagnosis, and for both of you, WTF! Very stupid. Your beautiful Sadie is wonderful. I will follow you guys and I'm an oncology nurse--don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions or if I can do anything for you.

  3. Nathan, I am thinking of you and Elisa constantly. We will be cooking up some food for you soon and I hope I can have some play time with your beautiful little girl. I am so sorry for what you both are going through. Thank you for the posts. You do write beautifully. Elisa lucked out big time with a husband like you (I already knew that before this blog though). Please give her a big hug for me. I hope to see you guys soon! Dayna xxxxxxooooooxxxxxxx

  4. You don't know me...I am a friend of Renie (Porter) Moss's. But your family is almost all I have thought about for the past 24 hours or so. I am praying for you, and have shared your Team Bond page with all my FB friends in hopes that your story will touch many of them as well. I pray that God brings you peace, and comfort, and healing!

  5. I have been on my knees in prayer for you and your family! I believe that God will and can heal you both! You are both such an inspiration!

  6. I do not know you but I have not been able to stop thinking about your family since I read your blog yesterday (One of my FB friends posted a link to your blog). You both are in my prayers as well as your "city". From the little I know about you, I can tell that you have a strong firey spirit and a wonderful support system. Just know that there are people on this journey with you that you don't even know and will probably never meet. You are an inspiration to many! Keep your heads up and I'll keep the prayers going!

  7. My thoughts and prayers will be with your family every day! Your blog link was provided on a friend's blog this week asking for prayers, and as a mom to an 18 month old little boy, your story hit a nerve as I read about your beautiful Sadie, who is around the same age. Please know that you have many folks praying for all of you.

  8. Praying for you and your family every day. I have asked FB friends and blog friends and family to pray for you as well... For healing, support and strentgh...A few years back when my husband was very ill we were blessed by so many prayers and so much help from people we didn't know as well as family and friends...I am glad to see that you are blessed with a wonderful support system as well.

  9. I also am a friend of a friend (I heard of your story through Dave Coviello, we went to Taft together), and I have been reading your posts and thinking of you daily since I heard your unfathomable (un-everything, if I may quote :-)) story. I just want to say that my thoughts of strength and positivity are with you. Also, a good dose of anger at f*@#$@# cancer. I've had way too many friends and family affected by it, as most of us have, and it just makes me so mad.

    Speaking of, I have a great friend who is in the NY/NJ area who has done pretty much every treatment under the sun to fight colon cancer. He and his wife are AMAZING people, and if they can help you in any way, I know they would be more than happy to. You can contact them through the fantastic nonprofit they started, They're names are Todd & Amanda McGovern.

    Please know how many people are cheering you on in this fight, and how much good energy is truly coming your way. :-)

  10. Keep your head up Nate, these updates must be hard to write but you are doing a great job. Love from Oregon (via Takoma Park) Jeremy

  11. The two of you are always on my mind these days. Stay strong, I know that is hard to do, but I also know you both can do it. I am sending all my loving thoughts and prayers your way.

  12. I am a friend of a friend--Amy Young and I went to Elementary school together. Know that you have a cheerleader out in Washington who is praying hard for you and Elisa. I appreciate the updates so much. Your family has been on my mind since I read of your situation. Much love, peace, strength, and health during this season in your life. Love, Holly and Kennedy.

  13. I wish I could take your pain away. Know that Mom and I are in you cheering section. We are here if you need. Even if I can help with Griffin. You wouldn't want my cooking, trust me on that one. Love ya all, Lynn & Rambo.

  14. I send you daily my strength, headstrongness, stubbornness, and driven nature. Be strong, hang on and use the love and devotion all around you to steer a path. I am sending my strong will to you both.

  15. Could you ever have imagined being so loved.....what a force!!! Take it all in and hug it to yourselves.

  16. Sending hugs, love, prayers and strength for the tough weekend ahead. You two can do it. We are all pulling for you!

  17. Just heard of you guys on 880 AM radio. I went to the computer and found a news article and links. I sent Bond Team an email of ways I can help. I am a stage 2 breast cancer survivor which means I just four weeks ago finished-survived bilateral mastectomy chemo and radiation. The whole thing is hard. Be at peace. Complain when you have to. We love you. Karen

  18. I found out about your story from a friend's FB post. What you guys are going through is beyond comprehension. Thanks for sharing your story with us and I hope it does help some to get our words of encouragement. Hang in there the best you can - know that there are many people who wish they could ease the burdens you are facing. Glad you have such wonderful friends and family to help and I hope they can continue to be there for you as long as you need.

  19. I read about you guys in the national paper in the uk. I cannot believe how cruel life can sometimes be. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Having 18 months of treatments and operations she appeared to be coming through the other side. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in January. I have cared for my mother through all of her treatment and i can totally sympathise and say i know what youre going through. In relation to Elisa's nausea, my mum used to have ice pops and they sometimes helped. they also doubled up as relief from a sore mouth which is a side affect of the chemo also.

    I pray for your family and i can only hope you remain in strong spirits.


  20. Elisa, Nathan.I feel very sorry for both of you but i want to assure you that there is no need to be hopeless. your ailment is curable.chemotherapy may prolong the duration your life but very hard to get sustainable benefit.Your should try alternative medicine.I know one such medicine but can not make believe others because lots of people try to make money by this method.

  21. A friend posted your article from a NY paper on fb- and I read through your blog, I am moved to tears as I read through this. Cancer is an ugly, incredibly cruel disease that affects far to many people in this world.

    My father was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and has like both of you, chosen to fight this horrible disease. I pray for strength every day to get through this, and I will add you to my very long list of prayers, remember while it is hard to do power of positive thought.


  22. Someone in Maine posted this from a friend. It was on facebook. I have posted it too. I have helped to take care of a friend who has stage 4 colon cancer and 4 children. It is a difficult fight at times. Cancer is something so many of us have had to deal with. I took care of one of my best friends when she had cancer, until she passed away. The wonderful news is that there are advances every day in medicine and with all the technology around us we never know what may help in the not so distant future. My prayers are with you and your helping angels that you can both be a miracle for everyone to see. Prayers and hope are powerful tools for living.

  23. I wish I could pay for you both to fly to NZ to stay with me and my family! I would take you all to the beaches and the mountains and make you relax in the fresh country air...!
    I find your story so heart breaking, and yet your strength is so inspiring.
    The human will has no boundaries, and our love for our children gives us more strength and determination than we can understand. Remember that so many people around the world are sending their love to you, and I hope that in those times when youre feeling terrible, it can bring you some peace and happiness. Take Care!

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  25. When I was 10 years old (I am 37 now), my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and they gave her 6 months to live. It had spread to the bone. They gave her options, and she of course chose to fight just like Elisa is doing. She entered clinical trials and we battled the disease along with her. I had my mother for 11 more years after that. The chemo did its job and kept the cancer at bay. She saw me graduate from highschool and was there for things I never imagined. Elisa, keep fighting. My mother was proof that hope and perserverance are powerful in this fight. Know that there are many who understand what you are going through and are praying for you.

  26. Hi

    Presumably sites such as these have been thoroughly checked out:

  27. I have just found out about this. I am devastated and sad for both of you. I am going to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and may God guide you both during the very difficult time. I am going to go to the website now and am a new follower so that I may stay aprised of your situation. I believe in the power of Gods healing and wish you the very best. There are so many rooting for the two of you as your story as touched thousands.

  28. Elisa and Nathan,
    What's the web address for the fund friends have started on your behalf. I'd love to check it out and make a small donation. I think of you daily. How can my spitfire of an old LA roommate possibly be going through this? I keep picturing you on the bed (on the floor because we were too broke for bed frames! Until we finally stepped up to Ikea ones!) in your room in our apartment in LA working on your "artists way" journal laughing that great laugh.... lifetimes ago wasn't it? Stay strong and know I'm thinking about your beautiful family.
    Karen Kristofferson Sparks

  29. Dearest Elisa and Nathan
    I have just read your story on the Daily Mail website here in the UK, words cannot express how sorry I am that both of you are having to go through this awful time. I wish both of you all the best and hope that my story can be of some comfort, six years ago my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer, he had surgery and just before he started six months of chemo we found out that I was pregnant with our first daughter, our eldest daughter has just turned six and my husband is almost six years free of the cancer, I pray you have the same outcome as we did, love to your both and your gorgeous little girl xxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. Hello Beautiful People! I was so touched reading your story in the Daily Mail newspaper here in the UK. I wanted to offer a couple of suggestions to you which you may or may not wish to try. I would recommend the books and website of Abraham Hicks which is about law of attraction and may offer some inspiration for you both to visualise the outcome you desire. It is very much about using the power of the mind. Similarly may I recommend a book by Gerald Epstein called 'Healing Visualizations: Creating Health Through Imagery'. These techniques can be used in conjunciton with your medical treatments and are well worth a try. I wish you both well, Love Sf xxx

  31. Kia Ora from New Zealand Nathan and Elisa...I just wanted to drop you a note to say you will be in my thoughts and prayers...and know that so many of us the world over are really pulling for you and your family...

    Love and Strength
    Mim Hughes
    New Zealand

  32. Dear Elisa and Nathan, You are in my thoughts and prayers. I added a bit to the trust so that some of your stress can be reduced. I am running the Colon Cancer Race this weekend in CP and am dedicating my run to you nathan as well as my brother in law who battled colon cancer - and won!! At the end of the month I am running for my friends battling breast cancer. Elisa - that race is for you! I will offer prayers daily for the doctors to find a cure ASAP, for your journey to be less painful and for your friends and family to continue to always be there for you. You are loved so much by them, Sadie and new friends who now know you by your bravery. Keep the faith - May God keep you strong,

    Love and Peace,

    Angela Swift
    Riverside, CT

  33. Best wishes and prayers from Australia.

    I cannot imagine what horrors you are going through and it's difficult to know what to say apart from how much I admire your bravery and love for each other. Sadie has very special parents and she is a beautiful, lucky little girl.

    I'm going through a particularly trying time in my life right now but seeing your situation has humbled me and made me realise my problems are nothing. Thank you for this.

  34. Just a mommy from Holland who read your story, here to tell you that you and your lovely family are in my mind as well. I'll burn a candle and send you loads of positive thoughts. I so very much hope, that you both will be there to see your little girl grow up.

    Much love from a stranger

  35. We don't know each other, but as someone who is (at the moment) in total remission of stage 3 gastric cancer--total gastrectomy last June, plus months of chemo and radiation--I know a little about what both of you are going through. Have you or Elisa tried Ativan (or the generic Lorazepam)? I have found it very effective in battling the chemo-related nausea, and also a provider of blessed sleep at night. If you haven't, it's definitely worth discussing w your docs. Another thing that's helped enormously is acupuncture--no joke.
    God bless you and watch over you all.
    Rachel Abrams

  36. Dear Nathan and Elisa,

    I just read your story on "Telegraaf" in the Netherlands. I don't know what to say!!. I wish you both a lot of love and strength. We are also figthing against cancer for four years now and with a lot of humour, faith and love from our kids, family and friends we go on! I wish you both all the best and KEEP UP THE FAITH!!

    Lots of love from the Netherlands

  37. There is a hope. They should look for Dr. Renate Jost de Moraes, her website is and she has been doing a wonderful jub in the last 30 years with psychotherapy that reached the unconscious and as a consequence, the body. It is a therapy that can be done in less than a month. it may sound far out, but if you could reach her books and read them you would understand why I think that both could be healed. Please, I know what I am talking about, do not ignore this. Dr. Renate Jost de Moraes. - she has offices in Brazil, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

  38. Hi wonderful Bond family!

    I am blessed to be a part of a leading edge healing community with members world wide. We use protocols created by a Quantum Physicist in Russia with rather remarkable results. We don't consider ourselves "healers" but rather facilitators...and we're honoured to work on your behalf.

    We're starting a "Rolling Thunder" event for the two of you. It will begin at noon in Australia (less than a couple of hours from now) and work its way around the globe. It will gain momentum as members in each time zone begin to participate. (It'll "hit" in NY in just over 16 hours and continue on until it's back in Australia tomorrow evening.)

    Sending you our love and blessings for a long and happy life.

  39. Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson

    I just saw your story on facebook and have been reading your post for the past hour. We have never met, but please know that a stranger, a Mom, is praying for you both.

    Much Love and Healing,

  40. Just saw your story on twitter. My prayers and thoughts are with your family! I prayer for your strength in the times ahead and for healing.
    With much love,

  41. Just learned of you through a friend via facebook - I made a donation and will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story with the world. Your positivity is moving and I hope to soon share your story with my mother in law who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Stay strong!

  42. Just read about your story, too, and I am sending prayers your way. I just hope you both receive the very best medical care there is. I cannot fathom how something terrible like this could affect such a young and wonderful family. You will be in my thoughts every day. Warmly, Vicki

  43. I read your story on, which brought me to this blog. I have spent the last 30 minutes reading your blog, finding myself crying while being amazed at your strength and grace. Your entire family will remain in my thoughts.

  44. Try some dope. It really helped some of my friends. I just started following you both. I made a donation as well. I am holding you both in the light. One added thing-please laugh and watch silly movies. Humor really helps.

  45. Dear Family Bond.

    You don't know me but having read through your blog I feel I know you, well, a little at least. I cannot pretend to know what you are going through as I have not been through it myself. Reading your posts has given me an insight though and I have to say I applaud the strength you both show in dealing with your "demon".

    I can maybe relate a little more to your situation from the point of view of Sadie as my Mum and Dad were both very ill when I was a child (they died within six months of each other.)

    In years to come (when you are both fit and well again!!) Sadie will hopefully learn about what an amazing fight you guys are putting up, and it will teach her how important it is to never ever take anything or anyone for granted.

    For now though, my family sends our thoughts and wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for both of you.

    Love, hugs and kisses

    Bev, Andy, Scott and Amber.
    (Manchester - U)

  46. Just saw your story on Huffington Post. I have shared the story with others and hope the following grows. I hope there is some comfort in knowing that so many people are hearing your story and praying for you guys. I'm adding you to our prayer list at our church and will continue to hold you up in prayer. Blessings, Bond family. We're behind you.

  47. hi elisa! I'm so sad to hear of your situation, albeit temporary, cause I'm certain things are going to change in your favour very soon. I will be following your journey every chance I can, and big kisses to your princess... I wish you all the very very best of health sooner than later babe. xxxxxxxxxxx

  48. I'm not religious, but if I was I would pray so hard for you both.I will instead put my faith in the advances in medicine and treatments you will receive. Also the love and support you are receiving from friends and family. Keep Smiling and laughing because I do believe that keeping positive in the face of adversity makes a difference. My (positive) thoughts are with you all, here's to a happy ending where you get to see your daughter win "so you think you can dance!"
    Love from the UK. x

  49. I have heard about your story and have spend the last hour reading your blog. I have the feeling I know you, a wonderful family. Nathan and Elisa, wish you both all the best during treatment. Keep up the good spirit, humor and never give up!
    My thoughts are with you, lots of love and a big hug from Europe!

  50. A friend directed me to your blog and I wanted to share one idea for nausea (that you probably already know). Both my daughter and I (we have metabolic issues that cause severe GI symptoms), and a friend who's been treated for four years for metastacized ovarian cancer find that large doses of ginger actually help a lot. I started with crystallized ginger and use capsules also, but what sometimes works best is the carbonated drink, "Ginger Brew." Sending love and prayers in your direction.

  51. I heard about your story from my sister in law and wanted to pass along another family who is thinking of you and sending you prayers.

    "As you battle for strength and courage and healing, remember: there are people all around you cheering you on and waiting to lend a hand." -Kathryn T. Shaw.

  52. writing from Bel Air, Md.
    My young daughter, Casey lives in Brooklyn.
    So- feels like you are close. My heart is breaking for both of you. Wish there was something, anything I could do for you. Donated some money to your fund, but seems like there should be something more than that.
    Anyway, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I think there are miracles, and if ever 2 people deserve one- it is you!
    much love

  53. I saw your story linked to Stand Up to Cancer. Amazing- my heart goes out to you guys. Our family has lots of "experience" with cancer, and I wanted to pass along a site for "Queasy Pops"- they are made by the Preggie Pops people (Those things are AWESOME for morning sickenss!) and are approved for chemo patients. Good luck in your battles!

  54. My sister was diagnosed with invasive ductile carcinoma bilateral breast cancer at age 40. Her diagnosis was on Jan. 22, 2010 and she died on February 14, 2011. I want to relate some information that is important for young women. I am having an elective mastectomy and hysterectomy because of hereditary factors and the crippling, heartbreaking death of my best friend and sister, Kara Engel, I love her so much. It often takes a young death of a family member of breast cancer to open their eyes to their own personal risks of getting breast cancer, please pay attention to your family history, please!!!! I do not want one more woman to die of this disease, but especially young women can have a chance if they know their family history, and they have a brave doctor and doesn't say, "just get mammograms," they sometimes can't detect small tumors in young women and they don't even tell women to get mammograms until they are 40 or older, the younger women are the underrepresented breast cancer patients-------we need medical help and representation HELP US!

  55. In memory of my sister, Kara, I believe this information is important for the underrepresented young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.
    If popular opinion were true, "Young women don’t get breast cancer."
    We all know the truth, though— young women can and do get breast cancer.
    Unique Challenges:
    No effective breast-cancer screening tool yet exists for women ages 40 or younger.
    A Different Enemy:
    Compared to older women, young women generally face more aggressive cancers and lower survival rates.
    More and more evidence tells us that breast cancer before age 40 differs biologically from the cancer faced by older women.

     Since breast cancer occurs at a much lower rate among young women than in our older counterparts, young women remain underrepresented in many research studies.
    Each year, approximately 70 thousand men and women age 15 to 39 are diagnosed with cancer in the US.
    Breast cancer accounts for roughly 15% of all cancers in this age group.
    Women ages 15 to 34 and 35 to 54 die more frequently from breast cancer than any other cancer.
    In 2009, the American Cancer Society predicted more than 190,000 new cases of breast cancer in women.
    They estimated that roughly 18,600 of these women would be younger than 45. Cited
    Non-profit organization oriented to support and educate about breast cancer
    in younger women.

  56. I just read about your story on Twitter and I felt the need to re-post it on my FB for others to read and lend support.

    I went through this fight with my dad a little over 2 years ago when he was diagnosed with a rare kind of GI tumor which has no cure. He's winning his fight and I hope you both win yours. I know it's tough when you're feeling so crappy most days from treatments, but please continue to keep up your positive attitude. It truly does make a world of difference.

    Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I've made a small donation to your fund. Many hugs to both of you and Sadie.

  57. When a family member or oneself has cancer, you unwilling join a club, where only those in the club understand the daily challenges that cancer brings, it's like being a lightweight in a ring with a heavyweight.
    I wish I could do anything your family needs right now, I will figure out how I can help my heart is breaking, it is hard to believe this blog and story are real, I read about your story on London's Daily Mail. But cancer is a f----g sneaky,
    mean selfish taker, but it can't take everything.
    You will feel love that is palpable, so strong the pure essence of love will fill
    Your home.

  58. I am so sorry :-( I just read your story. It's so heartbreaking. It touches close to home because I was diagnosed with breast cancer January 6, 2011 and I'm also in Brooklyn. I'm young too - 32 and with two young kids. I can tell from your blog that you guys are fighters :). You are kicking cancer's A$$ and sending it to remission. I hope future chemo side effects are more bearable. Sending lots of hope, prayers and love.


  59. My heart goes out to you both and your beautiful daughter Sadie. Keeping you all in my prayers.


  61. I see you are HER2+. There is a clinical trial for a new therapy, herceptin/chemo combo that is showing good results. It's called TDM1. Not yet FDA approved, but maybe ask your doctor. Wishing you peace, God bless youand your family.

  62. I heard about your story and thought you might be interested to read this blog - I doubt you have much spare time for such things but this woman is a cancer survivor and is truely remarkable and inspirational.
    She has faced some very tough times and come through. I hope her story might help you do the same.

  63. I don't know you but I read about you guys on the Huffington Post. Don't give up the fight. From what I have read on your blog you are both amazingly strong people with positive outlooks on life. Hold on to that. Your daughter Sadie is a little cutie. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and I am making a donation through TEAM BOND. I hope it helps in some small way. x

  64. Amazing to see the power of the interwebs... May you feel the energy and healing that is being sent to you from all across the globe. Sending love and healing to your beautiful family.

  65. Heard your story thru facebook. Sending strength and light to you all.

  66. Sending positive vibes. I'm stage IV ovarian cancer patient on my 2nd recurrence and have had 14 rounds of chemo. This time I will be on chemo for a year, God willing.
    PLEASE TELL HER ONCOLOGIST THAT NOTHING IS WORKING FOR THE NASUEA! THERE ARE MANY MEDS, IT TOOK THE THIRD ONE FOR ME AND I HAVEN'T THROWN UP SINCE. There is much that can be done for the nausea/vomiting and it will make all the difference in the world. God Bless and Keep you safe and sound.

  67. Just wanted you both to know that my husband and I are praying for you both. We will storm the heavens with prayer and God will heal. Keep your minds strong and let God handle the rest. God Bless you both

  68. I am organizing a benefit concert for Team Bond with tons of amazing singers...Can someone please let me know a list of their favorite artists? and songs?



  69. Nathan and Elisa, My daughter in law Steph Gueldner's friend Emily Noelle Lambert posted your story on Facebook. My husband (invasive prostate cancer) and I (early stage breast cancer) are here to say sometimes the treatments work. Of course we are much older than you two but keep as positive an attitude as you can and dream dreams for your daughter. Write you hopes and dreams down for her. My prayers are with you. Luana Nedich

  70. Read FINAL GIFTs and FINAL JOURNEYs by Maggie Callanan it gives so much insight into the whole deal, with love and wisdom.

  71. I hope this will help you both: I took Claritan 24 hour non-drowsey one tablet taken one hour before the start of treatment. This completely removed the immediate side effects of the chemo. It worked better than Benadryl. Ask your oncologist first.

  72. A friend of mine in NJ is dedicating her status on fb to the two of you, your whole family really, so more people all around the world are thinking about you, hoping and praying with you. Wishing you both a complete recovery! Hadassah in Israel

  73. I heard about your story through my good friend who is a friend of Monica's. I cannot begin to imagine the stress you are under, and only wish that your newly formed worldwide network could alleviate some of the indescrible pressures you are facing. Best wishes to you in the coming weeks and months of healing, and may your beautiful daughter continue to give you the bursts of sunshine during such a difficult period. Take care, we are all thinking of you.

  74. My wife has metastatic breast cancer. She was just diagnosed in the last month. I find myself trolling the internet looking for answers. I stumbled upon your site and I am truly sorry to hear about your situation.

    My wife was first diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago. We read Anti Cancer by David Servan-Schreiber and found it immensely helpful. We are rereading it now because we find that while it is very easy to feel out of control when cancer hits, getting control of your diet can help with that out of control feeling.
    Best wishes.

  75. Hello to you both, and your darling daughter. I want you to know that a study was done in which one group of surgical patients was prayed for (they did not know they were being prayed for, and the people praying for them did not know them), and the other group was not prayed for.
    The people who were prayed for recovered faster and with fewer complications than those who were not prayed for.
    This tells me that even if one is not traditionally religious, positive energy directed toward a specific target is going to affect a change.
    The more people who think about you, love you, pray for you, send you healing energy, wish you well; the more likely you are to get well, it seems to me.
    You have a world of people doing just that, with more joining in each day.
    I would bet we'll be talking about that young couple who got cancer at the same time, then got well at the same time someday soon.
    Nothing is impossible. Nothing. All my love and prayers.

  76. Hi Nathan and Elisa, I am a Blair alum and remember you Nathan (I think you graduated a year or two ahead of me). I found your blog through another Blair friend and wanted to let you know you have our prayers here. I cannot imagine what you two must be feeling. Thank you for letting us into your world, we are thinking about you!

  77. Hi Nathan, you and your wife are in my prayers! I have donated as much as we could. It is so nice that your friends have set up a fund for you guys - hopefully it gives you one less thing to worry about! -Cassandra Heidler (Blair Class of '91)

  78. Dear family Bond,

    unfortunately I can not help you money wise. I can just recommend you a rare kind of therapy which has saved lifes in past and cured people from lethal diseases. You can read about it on . I havent started it yet myself but i plan to do. You got nothing to lose, give it a try. Best of luck.


  79. I just read about your misfortune in a newspaper. I'm going to pray for you three to the Venerable Holy Father John Paul II (which is going to be beatified next 1st May). Be strong and have faith.

  80. I truly wish you all the best. Please accept a prayer from Portugal.

  81. Hi Nathan, Elisa, & Sadie
    You don't know me but our paths most likely crossed at Vanderbilt. I am certainly a friend of more than one friend of your's. Just saw your blog and will be praying for you all. Here is a poem from an anonymous patient of St. Jude. The message certainly seems evident in your posts:
    "What Cancer Cannot Do"
    Cancer is so limited. It cannot cripple love. It cannot shatter hope. It cannot corrode faith. It cannot destroy peace. It cannot kill friendship. It cannot suppress memories. It cannot silence courage. It cannot invade the soul. It cannot steal eternal life. It cannot conquer the spirit.

    Will be following your journey with great hope for healing,

  82. Elisa, Nathan,

    You two are both beautiful people and Pam and I always enjoyed having you as neighbors. I just read the UK article today and am so overwhelmed with sadness to hear about what you are both experiencing. On a much smaller scale I have experienced my own hard times recently and having the love and support of my wife, kids, family and friends really helped me overcome what I was going through. I guess I just wanted to share my feelings that hope, positive thinking, love and support can do wonders and I will continue to send happy thoughts to you both hoping that the positive energy you receive from everyone in your life helps bring about better times for you and your family.

    Love to you both,

    David Shapiro

  83. Hi, I'm one of Brea Cola's Sorority sisters. I was so moved because I personally know what how this "crud" affects your life. I'm undergoing treatment for BC while maintaining my mini-clan of 2 under 2. All this before I turn 35.*smile*

    You have more strength than you can imagine. Trust in the GOD(or whatever spirutual guide you believe).

    After prayer...always smile and laugh! You have no idea how strong the combination of the two are.

    You are both in my family's thoughts!

    Judith Brown and Fam

  84. The world has gotten so much smaller with the internet, I am seeing from these comments, that people all over the world are pulling for you. So, I want to add my prayers from Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Nathan, you are a great writer, so keep writing! Elisa is also I scrolled back through the posts I giggled, teared up a time or two, and once had to put my laptop in the floor as I was laughing so hard that I was afraid I would drop it.

    I have a 16 month old daughter, and I can't imagine how scared you must be for your little one, as these next few months will be so tough. But someday, many many years from now, she will be able to read these posts and really KNOW who she is, where she came from, and where she gets her backbone. What a wonderful family album you are making for her here! She will treasure this.

    I will be back to check on both of you and your inspired writing. Some day, some place, some person will read this blog and think "if they could beat it, I can too."

    Tell Elisa I think her book is going to be a best seller. I'm thinking you might need to throw in some chapters too.

    Keep the faith (and keep dropping the F bombs to let off steam) --


  85. This is so tough. My daughter was 11 months when I was diagnosed. I couldn't even pick her up for a while, especially after the mastectomy, so I ended up making a little bed right on the floor so I could be at her level while she played. she was very gentle (most of the time) and would come over and hug me, or show me a book or toy she was playing with. made it possible for us to spend time together. it was hard enough with just one parent having cancer, I can't imagine two. my heart is with all three of you.

  86. Here in Portugal, I pray for you both.

  87. Hello,
    My name is Daniela Costa, from Portugal and i read a new about your situation in a Potuguese newspaper here:
    i'd like to asn you how can i help you in some way?is there any account you have so we can send you some financial help?which is the best way to help you?
    Please keep my email and feel free to email me anytime you wish and need: please let me know how can i help

    Wish you all the best and may the miricle you need to be released soon!i'm sure with faith you'll win this fight!
    Keep in touch.

  88. Dear Bond family,

    You wear a strong last name. It must mean you will fight the cancer and come out of it as winners, just like that action hero..
    Your story brought tears to my eyes.. I will pray for your family and will spread the word to my friends and family so they can pray for you too. I will donate to your fund, that's the the least I can do.. God bless you and heal you. Amen.

    Lots of love from Croatia from the young family with two girls that used to live on Bond street in Brooklyn..

  89. Good morning Nathan and Elisa,

    News 12 Brooklyn is interested in covering your story today about being a young Brooklyn couple, becoming first time parents, and then you both being diagnosed with Cancer within a week of each other. We understand that your close friends have created a Web page that is collecting donations so the two of you can stay afloat financially while fighting the disease. Can we have clearance to use your video on the blog? We would like to interview with the two of you today. Are you available for interviews? Also, we would like to interview with some of your friends, family, and doctors.

    Please give us a call at 718-861-6818 or REPLY ALL or email us at

    Thank you,

    Takena Russell
    Assignment Editor
    News 12 Brooklyn
    930 Soundview Avenue
    Bronx, New York 10473
    (718) 861-6818
    Fax: (718) 328-7420

  90. Hello Nathan,
    Your story has really touched me, it brought tears to my eyes and I really would like to help you out. I am in a club that does a lot of fundraisers and charity events. And It would be a great honor to me to do a fundraiser for you and you wife. Please you contact me or have friend/family reach out to me. The best of luck and many blessings you and Elisa are in my prayers. And much love to you precious little angel.

    Ashley Lopez
    (212) 464-8043

  91. Hey, Elisa!
    Glad to have you back writing your blog...I find it very encouraging. Not that Nate was doing a bad job. Your positive outlook does our heart good. Know Mom & I are thinking of you and praying non-stop. I wish I could take this all away from you. That is my wish.
    I am just surrounded by cancer. I am thinking of all of you 24/7. I check your blog 100x's a day for update.
    Take care of you.Love, Lynn. & Mom (Rambo & Mia, too!)

  92. Hi Elisa and Nathan,thinking of you both and Sadie.

  93. I am sure you get TONS of emails and comments and will get TONS more after your story aired on the Today Show. I am not one to contact anyone but I just had to with you two. I wanted to tell you to please check out The Gerson Therapy for your cancer. Just go onto Youtube and watch a few videos to see what you think. There are so many people who have had terminal cancer that have been helped and healed by this program. I have no link to them at all but have read her books for help my child who has a chronic disease and the program has helped her. There is another website I just found a couple of days ago from a young woman who was cured of her cancer after following the program, maybe you can contact her.

    Good luck to you both

  94. There still is hope!

    Praying for you and your family!

  95. My heart breaks for all of you. But your strength and faith is an inspiration. May God bless you and keep you. My prayers and thoughts are continuous.

  96. The both of you are truly amazing. Your strength and positive attitude inspire me to live life to its fullest. My family and I are sending positive thoughts your way – stay strong and know you can beat this!

  97. I hope and pray that you or a loved one is able to see this comment. I made my husband sign me up for this blog just so that I could give you this information. I believe that you and your husband can both be healed. Please check out Dr. Richard Schulze his website is In your situation you need to hear that there is a REAL hope for you both to be healed and watch your daughter grow. PLEASE DO NOT DELAY. You have nothing to lose by checking out this website ( Dr. Schulze has videos on his site and on youtube or google. They also have great assistance on their customer service line. Many people who were told there was NO HOPE for them are alive many many years later including Dr. Schulze himself. There is no incurable disease. With the Lord Jesus Christ all things are possible. Through his creation he has given us all things we need to heal any disease. I have said a prayer for you and your family. It is all up to you now! Take a chance take responsibily for you own health and create a true miracle, if anything for your daughter.

  98. Gerson therapy is also something to check out as well!!!! Very similar in ways with the incurables program Dr. Richard Schulze.

  99. Hi there. Yet another person you don't know. I heard about you guys at work--I work at Women's Cancer Center in las Vegas. I am the nurse that does all the chemo for our patients. After reading this post I just wanted to share something we have our patients try when they're really suffering from nausea. 1) take zofran the night before treatment, the night of treatment & the morning after. Do this whether you're feeling sick or not. Best to prevent it than try to treat it later.
    2) take any other meds for nausea they've given you as often as you can. Some meds should not be combined but some can so just make sure you know which can.
    3) Ativan. If pain meds are helping aleviate some of her symptoms Ativan would probably help a lot! Anti-emetic qualities are some of the "off-label" uses of it. It'll probably knock her out but hey, it's better to sleep through it than throw up constantly!
    4) hydration, hydration, hydration! When we have patients that simply cannot keep anything down and are terribly dehydrated, we'll bring them into the office and hook them up to iv fluids--usually sugar water (D5W) with some electrolytes (potassium & magnesium) and definitely some iv anti-nausea drugs. If you can't keep food/water down you likely can't keep anti-nausea meds down either.
    5) if the drugs they've given you don't work--ask for something else!! There are tons of options so you do not have to suffer!

    I really hope this helps. I'll be praying for your family. And Sadie is beautiful!! Just needed to say that as well.
    God bless!