Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nathan Update

I know many of you are looking forward to the next chapter of Couple's Cancer - The Novella, but so much is happening at warp speed still that it's all I can do to relay the facts.  Please bear with me as I post the purely factual updates and I will attempt to reward you at least a once a week with a juicy chapter of My Big Fat Tumor.  Can you tell I'm trying out titles for the book people are encouraging me to write?

Friday, March 11, 2011:
Nathan got his 3rd chemo treatment-including oxcaliplatin, leucovorin and folfox. 
Aldo accompanied him.
An ultrasound was performed on back side of Nathan's legs from buttocks to heels because he had been complaining of soreness the last few days.  All was clear.
Nathan came home with first chemo bottle which diffuses over 48 hour period.
Sunday we go to hospital to learn how to detach the infusion from the mediport properly.

Thursday, March 10, 2011:
Incredibly eventful drive to the radiation oncology consultation.  To be recounted only in the book and/or movie version. 
Met with Dr. Karyn Goodman.  Amazing. Explained radiation protocol and was most personable of the MSK doctors so far. 
Next step will be for Nathan to go in for simulation which will include making a mold of his pelvis and a few dot tattoos on his buttocks for accurate positioning for each treatment.
During chemo/radiation which is 5.5 weeks in duration, Nathan will be getting radiation for 15-20 mins each day, 5 days a week (total time in the department 2 hrs) and then getting a take home bottle of chemo for 24/7.  No showers.  Sponge baths only!  Ladies, don't even think about getting your hands on my man.

Symptoms Update:
Blood in the stool has subsided
Number of stools down by 50% to about 10 per day
Firmer stools

Side Effects:
Immediate neuropathy-tingling of fingers and lips
Immediate reaction to cold.  Even breathing, the air passing over his lips feels cold and it wasn't very cold yesterday.
Very fatigued.
Muscle soreness around the port
Slightly grumpy towards wife


  1. Your a rockstar for keeping us all updated like this. Thank you! And about the book; you MUST write it! I mean, someone who can write about stool updates in an interesting way, keeping me wanting more, I mean WOW! Your good!! Love you sweetheart! xxx

  2. Jeremy Wright here from Portland, Oregon. Childhood friends of Nathans. Just learned about this blog and the dual diagnosis. Words seem a bit silly at this point...I know Nate is a fighter and it sounds like you are as well Elisa! Stay strong and if there is anything I can do from the other side of the country other than keep you in my thoughts and prayers just let me know. Hope to visit soon.

    Much love

  3. Saw you on the Today show this morning. As a fellow cancer patient (currently in remission with incurable NHL) your story struck a chord with me. Reading your blog, I've laughed and cried and sympathized. I, too, found that blogging was a great way to explore my own feelings while sharing details with family and friends. I was also touched by the outpouring of love from perfect strangers. I will keep both of you (and Sadie) in my prayers. If you can tolerate another cancer blog, mine is