Monday, April 15, 2013

Update - Medical

April 12, 2013:

Medical update: Last week’s chemo was AWESOME!  Seriously.  No, I’m not joking.  No LOLing.  It was week two so I only had one drug.  I had forgotten that Dr. Volm changed my regimen.  Therefore, I only take Abraxane on week two and NO intrathecal drugs.  It felt like a spa day. I’m not even being snarky.

The slightest inconvenience was a quick pit stop at the hospital. I was due for an echocardiogram.  No official word about the results, but that’s good news.  If there were something wrong, they would be all over me by now.  I can honestly say I feel well. 

The best part was a visit with Andrea, one of my best friends from college. She flew up from Tampa to stay and take care of me for three days.  We napped and watched movies together. Miss her already. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Written April 4, 2013

Boo!!  Didn’t mean to scare any of you who might still be stalking the blogosphere for news about “The Bonds.” Yes, I have been a ghost for most of the last year. I’m not making excuses or giving reasons for the long hiatus.  Plenty of reasons and excuses will surface as we catch up.  Besides, who the fuck cares at this point?  What was that?  Oh, yes.  You heard correctly.  I said it.  FUCK.  Did everyone hear me?  I wanted to get it out of the way immediately.  I have no idea where this blog is going.  I do know that it will be blazed with tears – happy and sad-, salty language, lots of TV and stories about baby girl, Sadie. She is three and a half now but an only child is always the baby.  

So where are we now?  Chemo but now I am dealing with intrathecal infusions through the Ommaya reservoir, which I explained, in the last post, I think? Posting on the blog…always feels like a resolution that I never seem to stick to it.

More about the intrathecal infusions.  They require much more help than my “normal” chemo did.  No more NY Times crossword puzzles or taking the express bus by myself.  Nope, now we’ve called the village forth again.  The actual treatments necessitate assistance from close friends and family. The treatments cause immediate side effects such needing to take a shit and/or vomiting violently.  Hence, intimates only.  Luckily, I have been able to make it to the bathroom every time except the last time when I puked only to discover the next day that I had pulled the muscles in my chest from the heaving.

You happy I’m back yet? You see why I was reluctant to talk turkey.  This turkey has been shot, had it neck chopped off, its feathers plucked, had foreign things shoved up it’s ass, slow roasted, basted and hacked into while doctors, friends and family alike, keep looking for the wishbone. 

Oh, speaking of chemo, time to get ready for my ride in.  It’s a week one so wish me luck.