Saturday, March 29, 2014

In Memory of My Light and Love - Elisa

In the hectic past few days (Sadie has been sick with a fever since Wednesday as well), I have forgotten that I needed to update here on the blog. Elisa would have reminded me I know.

It is with profound sorrow that I write these words.
 My light and love Elisa passed away yesterday afternoon. She fought for every moment of life with unparalleled bravery and astonishing grace. I am left with infinite gratitude for having been blessed, as so many were, with having my life forever brightened by her love, laughter, beauty, humor, intelligence and extraordinary strength. Please keep her in your thoughts, in your hearts and in your smiles and laughter for this is where she will live on forever.
We were both always so grateful for the love and support that our friends and family, and thousands of strangers gave so graciously and generously to Sadie and us through this tumultuous period of our lives. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping make it an easier path to travel.
In deep thankfulness, Nathan

I wanted to share with those that loved Elisa the details about the service that will be held for her this Saturday. Please call the Funeral home if you have further questions, the number will be at the end.
A wake will be held for Elisa Bond Saturday March 29th. Chapel hours (for people to come and pay respects ) will be from 2-5 pm. There will be a second service from 7-9 pm where a blessing will be given and Elisa's father, mother and myself will speak. Knowing that Elisa was loved far and wide we have arranged for plenty of space to accommodate as many of her family and friends as possible and will have both chapels 4 and 5 open for her services. A future memorial celebration will be planned where more people will be able to share stories and celebrate her life together.
Torregrossa & Sons Funeral Home
1305 - 79th Street (on the corner).
Brooklyn, NY 11228