Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Takes A Village

My dear friend Marcos Feliciano told me yesterday that, "it takes a village to fight cancer, but you got a city." Based on the last two weeks, I can attest that the outpouring of love and support certainly substantiates that statement.  We are truly blessed by all the folks who have come to stand with us in this fight.

Nathan and I will never ever be able to express the depth of gratitude we feel for all that is being done on our behalf during this time.  And it is a testimony to you, our loved ones, when we find out that, for example, one of our friends' cousin's aunt's church is praying for us.  It is a testimony to you because that means they honor the relationship they have with you.  Please take a moment of gratitude for yourselves to see that the love coming to us is often coming through you and that means you are a conduit of love and kindness and generosity.  We are blessed to have you in our lives.  This is a perfect example of ripples of love.  And if there are any positive side effects to having cancer, feeling waves of love coming from all corners of the planet is definitely one of them.

Please keep sending the emails, texts, comments, cards, etc.  They buoy are spirits immensely.  Some of you have asked if there are any other practical ways in which to help at this time.  I am learning to accept help, which I thought was one of Nathan's life lessons but, apparently, it is one of mine as well.  Therefore, in an effort to practice "accepting help", I wish to guide you to contact Lara Bianchi at or Laura Gentles at  They will keep you in the loop. 

Again, we are forever grateful for your love, support and assistance.


  1. You do have a city. You don't know me but I could be you, I have a little girl at pre-school right now in Clinton Hill. So I will pray for you, Bond family. And "prayers amount to something". Also telling your cool organs to encourage the others am sure WILL help you. You can also tell the cancer to leave you, because "it" does not belong, and you may want to yell at it! Your body is not cancer and cancer has to leave. I hope I don't make it sound like your situation is easily fixed, I just want you to know that talking to your body has been done and for the better and it does not make you crazy. (and again don't want to minimize what you are going through, just sharing a tiny example I witnessed in my life: I told my ever-recurring wart of 10 years to leave. Every shower, speaking to it aloud:"you are not me, you are not welcome here, just leave my body" and then one day it wasn't there... ).

  2. stranger in chicago here - stumbled across your blog via nytimes. you both are amazing - your daughter is lucky to have parents like you. wishing you comfort and good health.