Friday, November 25, 2011


I know many of you have been waiting to hear what is going on with the brain MRI. So here's the situation. My parents went on a week's vacation...(oops)!

Apparently, the nurse in Dr. Narayana's office never appealed the rejection by the insurance company. So, the incredible nurse, Jessica, in Dr. Golfinos' office has started working on the appeal for me. I spoke with her on Tuesday because I had scheduled an MRI (self-pay) for Wednesday. Obviously, I didn't want to wait. Then it occurred to me that the doctors might be vacation and not around to read the films. Should I wait after all?

I asked Jessica about this and she said Golfinos would be out on Friday and had surgeries scheduled for next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, she would squeeze me in by the end of the week. More importantly, she answered the big question I have had which was whether or not it was vital for me to be seen within six weeks of the surgery. Jessica said that, ideally, they wanted to see patients at six weeks but eight was the max. Next week it will be eight weeks which why she is trying to make this happen by next Friday.

I am hopeful this will all get resolved next week and that insurance will pay for it. Thank you to all of you who have advised me to fight the ruling and/or offered to pay or donate funds for the procedure. It has really helped me get a handle on this. Sometimes I forget to be my own advocate.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our family friend, Maia, hosted our entire extended family as well as her own friends and family. There were 22adults, 9 kids, 2 turkeys and a ham not to mention all the fixins. How she did it and with a smile is beyond me. Thanks, Mai. We had a fabulous time and so did Sadie. She ate a lot, danced a lot, played a lot and thoroughly tired herself out. She was so exhausted that she actually asked to home to go to sleep. We will post pictures shortly.


  1. Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving. Hope you resolve you MRI issues and get in to see the doctor. The followup visit after surgery is always free so they should get you in. Must have advocates for any medical issue.

  2. I am happy things will hopefully resolve regarding the MRI. I am so happy you have so many in your corner. Your Thanksgiving sounds totally awesome and I am so happy you were a part of it along with Nathan and Sadie. So she tired herself out, adorable!