Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day of Gamma Knife-Sept 29th


  1. Oh Elisa you do not know how my heart goes out to you. Keep up the good fight brave lady - you will win. God bless you. xoxo from VA

  2. Hope treatment has worked and you are feeling an improvement.

  3. I think about you and your family every day. Keep fighting!

    Love from Texas

  4. Sleeping beauty should look so good!

  5. Elisa, I continue to pray for you!!!!! Your face is a true symbol of stength and inspiration for all!! God bless! Chef William :)

  6. What a brave girl, gifted with a strong mind and spirit.

  7. You are an amazingly brave woman. Keep fighting!

  8. Most courageous and bravest woman in the world. Keep up the good fight. Love, Blazer & Mom, Vicki

  9. Oh Elisa...

    I am so sorry you are having to go through all of this. I wish there was something - anything - that I could do to take your pain away, and make things easier for you and your beautiful family.

    Sending you hugs and thoughts from the UK

    Beverley, Andrew, Scott and Amber xoxox

  10. Thinking of you guys always. We all are.

  11. Dear Elisa,

    I've been following your story and I can't shed this feeling away that there must be an alternative approach to healing except for the western medicine.
    I know you are in the middle of this, however, what I can tell you is that I had CIN III (precancerous cells) on my cervix, 3 years ago. I refused the LEEP procedure (I had to sign it) and did my own research on herbal supplements and vitamins.
    Believe me or not, but I have cured myself in 3 months. My pap smear was perfect. Not only that, but I conceivde a child a month after the clear pap smear arrived, in spite my gynecologist telling me it would be very difficult for my ovaries weren't functioning right.

    Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that some herbal supplements might aid your body in the process of healing. I've been taking these vitamins and supplements and I read nothing but wonderful things about them, so I felt obliged to share it with you.

    God works in mysterious ways, and I hope that you will give it a shot.
    It can't harm and you have nothing to loose.

    Here it is:
    1. GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACTE - 30 drops (with water) 3X/day
    2. NETTLE EXTRACT - 3X/day, follow the dosage on the package
    3. ECHINACEA - 3X/day, follow the dosage on the package
    4. FOLIC ACID - 1X/day but check with your doctor
    5. GLA FORTE (company Metagenics), that's borage seed oil, a source of dihomo-gamma-linolenic, plus VITAMIN E.
    6. B KOMPLEX #100#(contains tiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, B12, folic acid, biotin - D biotin, panthotenic acid).
    7. CALCIUM D-glucarate - check with your doctor

    Also, you might want to read a book by dr. Clark called "Cure for All Cancers". She has found a connection of a parasite called Fasciolopsis Buskii and cancer. I believe she recommends a liver cleanse with a special parasite cleansing system and grapefruit seed extract. It might sound crazy, but at least google it and see what you think of it.

    If you don't believe in all of it, give a chance to (your husband can of course try the same stuff as you) the grapefruit seed extract . It's an amazing stuff.

    As a mother it breaks my heart to see you going through so much pain with only one goal; to get healthy and to be able to watch and guide your little girl.

    Pictures and the progress of your illness make me feel blue but something is telling me that you and your husband are fighters and that you are here to stay.. follow your instincts..

    I wish you nothing but health. Your daughter deserves you by her side. You will get well!



  12. Dear Eliza,

    This is Elina from Mary-Lynn birthing class. Since I learned about your illness I cannot stop thinking of you and your family.
    There is an alternative cancer treatment, Gerson Therapy, From the documentaries I watched I learned that there are hundreds of people who were cured by this method, even those who had stage 4 cancer.
    This method is used to treat cancer in Europe and Japan with big success. Please read about it. Docs are: "The Gerson Miracle", The Beautiful Truth" and "Dying to Have Known".

    Dear Eliza, I wish you strength to go through all this and I pray for you and your daughter...


  13. Hey guys. Thinking of you all and hoping things are getting better. Hope you soon have some good news for a change.

    Hugs and Best Wishes from across the Atlantic.

    Bev, Andy, Scott and Amber

  14. Thinking of you today - for no reason whatsoever. Sending you happy wishes on this fall Wednesday afternoon.


  15. I look for news every day and try to think good thoughts. But I'm worried. Worried about people I've never met, but grown to love. I miss your old blog, the one that was silly and light, and I so hope you get the chance to become that person again. Sending you all the healing light I can muster and more.


  16. Continuing to keep you both in my prayers. Hoping and so believe in miracles...sending you a hug.

  17. Thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts your way. Hoping for some good news soon from you guys.

  18. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, Nathan, and Sadie. I pray God's healing power touch you both so that you may have life and have life more abundantly.

    Your follower and cyber friend from Virginia sending love, hugs, and prayers to and for the three of you dear souls.


  19. We are all out here in cyberworld, hoping, waiting and praying for you.
    I Hope you can feel all the good thoughts and love from strangers. We will keep watching until we hear from you.