Thursday, August 19, 2010

Viva la France!

Ton Ton Joel, Tati Anne and cousin Dorian landed back in the U.S. last Saturday night and have been spending the week with us. We've had a great time with them except that little Miss Sadie had her first stomach bug. Her illness paired with lousy weather have put a bit of a damper on NYC summer fun activities but everyone has been a good sport about it, especially Dorian, who at only 4 years old, never complains about being bored.

Sunday, Lara and Lorin hosted a little barbecue and Dorian was able to meet his choice of future brides, Francesca and Fiona. Either one will work as long as we can get him to marry a Tomei he is not related to by blood. Terra, Seth and Jackson were there as well so it was kids galore.

Sadie took her first set of real steps that night. Ton Ton Joel counted as many as seven in a row!

On Monday, anticipating a rainy day, we decided to head to the Museum of Natural History so Dorian could see some dinosaurs. I should have known something was amiss when Sadie took an hour and 45 minute nap before we left. If I have not already noted in this blog her sleeping habits, it's because she has none. I am over the moon when this kid sleeps an hour straight.

So we piled into the car and I mean that literally. Nathan driving, Joel in the front passenger seat, both car seats in the back with Anne squished between them and I in the trunk. Luckily, my stature allowed for full leg extension but oddly I had to hunch because the head clearance was a little low.

As we began our journey up the West Side Highway, only a few blocks south of Chambers, Sadie began to fuss and then "blagggghhhhh"! Puke everywhere. Nathan veered off to a side as Anne tried to contain the mess. We pulled her from the car seat and stripped her down. I am pretty fanatical about having a change of clothes in the diaper bag but alas there was none. I thought we could still go because we had a clean hoodie for her to wear but everyone advised against it. I just felt horrible that Dorian would miss out on seeing the dinosaurs. We headed back to Brooklyn and when we were only blocks away from the house she blew again. They were right to make us head home.

Unfortunately, Sadie was sick with that stomach bug for the rest of their visit so much of it was spent close to home. We were so happy to have the other set of Bonds with us even if for a short visit. We know it will be awhile before they can come up again but we hope to make a trip down to Savannah for cousin Dorian's 5th Birthday.

Until then Viva La France!

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