Thursday, May 6, 2010

Worst Blogger Ever

Well, it seems that it was winter when I last posted. I thought blogging would be a good way to keep up with Sadie's milestones but, alas, I am not the diligent blogger I thought I would be.

Here's the latest and greatest of the last couple of months.

Six month check up:
Weight: 20lbs 11oz
Height: 28.5 inches

This meant she dropped from the 120th percentile to 105th percentile. My little amazon!

Seven Month innoculation:
Weight: 20lbs 11 oz

At this visit she was having only getting an innoculation so they didn't do height or all the other check up business. However, this visit was memorable because of Sadie's reaction to the shot.

Sadie was playing with a scrap of paper when the doctor stuck her with the needle and plunged it into her thigh. She stopped playing with the paper, made the grunt "Ehhhh" and then returned to playing with the scrap of paper. The doctor flipped out. Not a tear, not a scream...nada. She's a beast! I am sure the X-Men are looking for their newest recruit and Sadie is on the short list.


About two weeks, Sadie really started crawling. It was perfect timing as Sharon a.k.a. Dala, came to visit that weekend. See next post for details.

Well, that's the latest. I will try to be better about posting.

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