Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dala's Visit

Grandmother Sharon Bond a.k.a. Dala visited us the first weekend in December. I know that was about six weeks ago but it was the beginning of a very hectic time. Also, my mother was in a very serious car accident that weekend and it sort of made everything even more challenging for awhile. Thankfully, my mother was protected by our amazing Subaru Forester and her injuries were not as serious as they could have been. If anyone is in the market for an SUV, we highly recommend that vehicle.

Back to Dala's visit. Sadie was so happy to see Dala again. This was her third visit since Sadie was born and they just love one another. Lots of folks think that Sadie looks like Dala and she may even have her dimples. I do hope so!

As Dala lives in North Carolina and we would not be able to see her for the holidays, we celebrated Christmas early. Dala gave Sadie a cute handmade winter-themed outfit, an amazing pop-up book and a dinosaur, hand puppet book. Our gift to Dala was Hallmark's recordable version of The Night Before Christmas. This book was really a gift to Sadie and is extra special because not only do we get to hear Dala's voice at story time but we also get to look at the gorgeous illustrations painted by our good friend Joseph Adolphe.

As we are still new parents, we didn't "do" anything exciting but Dala did have Dominican food for the first time and loved it. I'll be sure to have platanos in the house for her next visit. We look forward to seeing her soon in 2010!

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